Secretary’s Notes and Update

Further to a recent meeting of HPC representatives it became apparent that the backlog of applications is likely to take until Christmas this year to clear, I know that this issue is one that affects many members who have applications pending. The reason for this lengthy delay is given that ‘fraudulent applications’ have been discovered and scrutiny of papers is being increased

Secretary’s Notes :
I would like to think that the members of the Register are starting to appreciate the changes that the Council have initiated for the benefit of everybody.

I did say previously that these changes would take time but it certainly seems that the changes that have happened thus far have met with both praise and thanks.

Just in the past year we have started LCSP directed CPD opportunities in different parts of the Country, something that you the members have been requesting.

I would like to think that the members’ ability to contact the Secretary of the Register has been made easier and hopefully the response time to enquiries and questions has likewise been improved.

I continue to receive positive feedback on the quality of the now regular quarterly LCSP Register newsletter.

More recently members have received their own personal portfolios; a tool that used correctly will prove invaluable to the professional therapist and underlines our commitment to supporting you and your practices.

Finally, we have the new vastly improved website, I think it is true to say that it bears no resemblance to the former, the public section is simple and to the point, it says who we are and what we do, and then makes it very easy for the public to find our members and their services in several different ways.

The members section is designed by us, for us. Therein we can keep in contact with each other far easier and relevant information can be passed quickly and effectively from the Secretary or Council to the membership. Likewise it gives you another route to me as Secretary for information or questions.

The members’ area also gives you as an individual the opportunity to ask questions or seek advice from your fellow members if the need arises, so you need not be a single member in isolation, advice and help is just a few clicks away!

As Secretary there are several instances when the same or similar questions arise in certain circumstances, such as Insurance matters, Private Medical Insurance companies, using different therapies or modalities etc; I will be looking at these and will place them with the relevant answers in a Frequently Asked Questions section.

My individual role as Secretary of the LCSP Register, your Secretary, is to protect and promote both the Register in general and you in particular. I sincerely hope that you are pleased with the progress we have made to date. I personally feel that we have come a very long way in a surprisingly short time, and to maintain this forward momentum we need to continue to work together in harmony for the benefit of us all and our future. So as ever I am always open to ideas and suggestions and will endeavour to continue to serve the members and the Register to the best of my ability, ably assisted and supported by the President, Council members and Administration office.

Steve Foster
Sept. 05.


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