Pauline Kelly

paulinekellyI initially became interested in a remedial massage and treatments having experienced a knee injury back in 1981. I began my Remedial Massage course in 1984/5 and progressed to Manipulative Therapy. During this period, I was privileged to be asked by Mrs, Woodward to join the Council, a proud moment indeed.

I began my practice in 1989, and soon became extremely busy. My vision was to open a multi disciplinary complementary clinic, this I did in 1999, after much consideration, I named it the Soma Clinic. It consisted of 12/14 practitioners, 2 receptionists, and probably the first Floatation tank in the area.

I was delighted to be given a Fellowship of the Society in 2004 and also the opportunity to be accepted into the Health Professionals Council for Physiotherapy.

There is no doubt that massage is one of the most wonderful tools we can offer in the treatment of muscular skeletal problems, I’m very proud to be involved in such a profession and this organisation in particular.

My spare time is taken up with delightful grandchildren, golf, and walking.