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Going live
January 19th was an exciting day for CNHC as that was the day the on–line register officially opened. Massage therapists were the first group to be eligible to apply for registration and we are now seeing a steady stream of applications. We hope that many of you reading this article have already registered or are in process of doing so. If you are not sure whether to register or not, please read on and we may help you to decide!

What is CNHC?
Just a quick reminder – what is the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council? CNHC is the UK independent regulatory body established in order to protect the public by regulating complementary healthcare practitioners on a voluntary register. It is NOT a professional association which is established to support practitioners by, amongst other things, the provision of a variety of benefits. Fortunately both types of body need to work together to ensure effective standards for professional education and practice.

Who’s ‘on board’
CNHC have been having formal and informal discussions with all those groups who were part of the Foundation for Integrated Health’s regulation programme and all but one are now committed to working with CNHC in some way. The majority are offering information for their members to ensure that they can make an informed decision as to whether they wish to register with CNHC, once they meet CNHC’s entry requirements.
We have a very provisional timetable for when the practitioners from the various professional groups might be ready to start applying for registration, as follows: those marked with an asterisk have already formed, or are in the process of forming, a Profession Specific Board (PSB)
January: massage*; nutrition* (already in hand); May : aromatherapy* (confirmed); June: Yoga*; July: Shiatsu*; Jul/August: reflexology*; September/October: Naturopathy; Alexander technique; November/December: Cranial Sacral; Reiki.
We are delighted to see such a level of involvement. We are still having informal discussions with homeopathy to ensure they are aware of CNHC’s activity and progress.

Why should you register?
Being registered with the CNHC will provide a number of professional advantages for the registered practitioner. The CNHC tick will be recognised by the public as a mark of quality and can be used in marketing material in a variety of ways. The Department of Health has given strong support to the CNHC formation in a number of ways, for example through start-up funding; and through the Health Minster’s positive statement in the January Press Release. A variety of employers have already approached us wishing to use the CNHC register as evidence of quality assurance, for example, Nuffield Pro Active wish to only employ those registered with CNHC by the end of 2009. Health insurers are also similarly interested in CNHC registration.

Have you registered?
If you have not already registered please check the LCSP web site for further details. If you are already on the GCMT register then check with Steve Foster, as there may be further financial savings available to you.
Please contact us on
Or by phone on 0203 178 2199

Maggy Wallace
Co Chair CNHC

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