What a time was had by all!

“I wish to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making this years Conference absolutely brilliant. I feel sad for those that weren’t there – they missed the best one ever!”

“Considering it was a new approach, it was pretty slick – almost like it happens every year. Well done and thank you to all involved in organising it.”

“After a number of bad experiences in the past I have to say that the positive learning and social experience of this one has enthused and motivated me.”

“It was brilliantly organised and James covered so much I left reeling.” The Conference Event this year was in a different format from previous years.  The AGM was held on the Friday evening followed by a supper, with the main event spread over three days, in the form of a workshop on Orthopaedic Massage presented by James Waslaski from  Dallas Texas U.S.A. His speciality is Hip and Shoulder Joint Adhesive capsulitis, however, the core of his work involves pelvic stabilisation. During the three day programme he taught us the importance of looking at the body with a more global approach using his 12 step protocol. He was a dynamic presenter and was very well received by all the delegates.

There were over 70 people attending and James’ presentation was supported by a video, which was focused on him whilst he demonstrated his techniques and shown on a big screen, with another screen showing the muscles that were being addressed at the time. Supervision of the techniques was ably carried out by twelve assistants, who had been trained prior to the weekend by Sue and Beryl. James was very impressed by the excellent organisation of the event and was very complimentary to the LCSP Register for their efficiency in presenting such a major event.

The success of the weekend can be seen by the response of many of the delegates who have already started to use some of his techniques in their clinics with positive results.

Joyce from Westhoughton, wrote, ’Well what a 3 days, I would like to say a very big thank you to the LCSP Register for arranging such a learning opportunity and I am so glad that in the end I decided to go. The first days of working I used a little of the techniques to great results’.

Martin from Peterborough, “The AGM and seminars were really special; I could not recommend them highly enough to any members who were not fortunate enough to be there. James Waslaski gave real value for money, showing a system of diagnosis and treatment that was clear, concise, and inspired.”

Don Johnson, who is a non-member, said “The best total workshop experience I have had in 10 years of taking classes, both at home and internationally. As a non LCSP member I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for being made to feel so welcome and accepted at your event.”

These are only a small number of many of the positive comments we have received which makes us feel; that the whole event has been worthwhile. We were extremely please and flattered when James gave us his permission to organise a revision weekend.  This will take place during the weekend of 13/14th October at a venue that has yet to be arranged. If you are interested in attending please contact Sue, email:

By popular demand we are hoping to arrange a return visit from James next year to address the lower body. This will be a two day event with a similar format.

On behalf of the Council I would like to thank everyone who supported this event with a special thanks to the assistants who gave up their valuable time to train in preparation for the weekend.

Look forward to seeing you next year.

Sue Bennett


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