The professional associations that make up the GCMT represent a diverse group of massage therapists. The results of a recent survey sent to counsel members acknowledged, regardless of the form of massage being delivered, the interconnectedness of physical, psychological and emotional aspects of human beings. Research has shown that although we might think we are working solely with the physical body, evidence suggests that when we come into relationship with our clients and place our hands on their bodies we are making contact with all physical and mental processes. It is important to remember that the skin and the nervous system develop out of the same embryological layer.

It is from this holistic perspective that the mental health awareness group has developed this presentation to remind massage therapists that mental health issues are not separate from physical.

The General Council for Massage Therapies

The Council for Soft Tissue Therapies is the only forum where Professional Associations who represent massage and soft tissue therapies can come together to discuss and resolve industry issues.

The GCMT is the governing body for massage and soft tissue therapies that form all bodyworks and soft tissue techniques in the UK. We are a non-profit making body with the following aims and objectives:

  • To define and influence the quality of educational standards
  • To work together in the development of new and existing National Occupation Standards
  • To approve and support industry qualifications when appropriate
  • To act as a lobbying and pressure group in the areas of regulation, insurance and employment
  • To co-operate and collaborate for the benefit of our respective memberships and the broader profession
  • To share best practice and experience as Professional Associations
  • To encourage Professional Associations to develop evidence based research

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