Just a notification that our next Zoom Coffee Morning will be a tutorial on Thursday 29th  June at 1015.   This will be presented by Sue Bennett and will be an introduction to the ‘Hendrickson Method’.

If you have ever wondered if this treatment modality would work for you and would suit your patients then this will be an opportunity to find out. After the presentation there will be ample time for questions to Sue.

Below is a brief introduction and overview of the mornings tutorial.

Why the Hendrickson Method?

When I first trained at the NIM 33yrs ago Ken Woodward and Beryl Harper would always talk about the whole body, being able to treat not a condition but the whole body.

Once in practice, as we all know the people we are meant to treat, find us. The people that found me were those that others had failed with or just run out of patience.

They were struggling with long term pain states or trauma, both physically and mentally.

I was recommended Tom Hendrickson’s Massage and Manual Therapy for Orthopaedic conditions. The side-lying approach to spinal dysfunction was new to us and after a few attempts on our own we thought we had better visit the man in person to truly understand his philosophy.

That was in 2006, Tom became my mentor and still is today.

I am delighted to be asked to present at an LCSP coffee morning. Here’s a list of the reasons why the Hendrickson Method is the cornerstone of my practice.

  • Side lying ‘wave mobilisation’ allows me to
  1. Access the erector muscle group pain free, relating to many spinal conditions.
  2. The small 1-inch soft mobilisations create access to the fascia.
  3. It begins to calm down the CNS.
  4. As the therapist, the ‘wave mobilisation’,  provides stillness which  allows reflection whilst treating the patient leading to less fatigue.
  • My anatomy knowledge had to deepen, as Tom’s strokes are very precise which has led to quicker recovery for the people I treat.
  • My Muscle Energy Technique became increasingly precise allowing patients to become more aware of how their body functioned.
  • My coaching skills also increased.

If this information has peaked your interest why not join me at the LCSP coffee morning on the 29th June.

The meeting will be open from 1000 for a 1015 prompt start. Check the noticeboard in the members area for log in details

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