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United Kingdom

Led by
Sue Bennett

3 day workshop £360

Dress code
Loose, comfortable, smart

21 CPD Hours

Tea/Coffee and Workbook CPD Hours provided

This three day workshop is an introduction to the ‘Hendrickson Method.’ Tom Hendrickson has developed his way of working through his 30 years of practice on over 100,000 patients.

At the heart of the therapy is Wave Mobilisation, a completely new massage stroke that mimics an ocean wave and has healing effects that penetrate deep within the body.

Giles Gamble, who has worked alongside Tom for the past nine years, will be presenting this three day workshop.

This course will be a requirement if intending to take part in the 112 hour training programme with Tom Hendrickson in 2012. This is to ensure all attending the 112 hours will start at a similar skill base.

Giles and Sue want to make sure that everyone attending truly understands the method; therefore there are limited places on this course.

There is upcoming extensive training in the Hendrickson Method starting 29th September 2012 over sixteen days, please click here for further details.
Aims of the workshop

A clear understanding of how Wave Mobilisation impacts the body
An understanding of how your own body posture impacts both your massage strokes and the well being of your own body
An understanding of pain free joint mobilisation
An understanding of how to combine soft tissue mobilisation with muscle energy re education
How to apply Wave Mobilisation in treating your patients

Learning outcomes

How to apply Wave Mobilisation through to body
An understanding of how to apply a complete spinal treatment
How to apply METs through your treatment
How to work deeply and gently with the patient′s body

Bookings and cheques to:
C.P.D. Workshops
45 St David’s Rd
LS21 2AW

Further Info:
Sue Bennett
01943 461756

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