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Wakefield Road
West Yorkshire

United Kingdom

Led by
Sue Bennett

2 day workshop £230

Dress code
Loose, comfortable, smart

14 CPD Hours

Tea/Coffee, Lunch and workbook are provided

Chronic headaches can often develop from old whiplash injuries which have been treated unsuccessfully on initial injury. This results in leaving the patient with a build-up of lesions and adhesion, along with restricted movement. The workshop will give you confidence in assessing and treating these chronic conditions. We will also be looking into Cervicogenic headaches that are associated with cervical spine dysfunction, which can lead to facial pain. We will also investigate the relationship between the C.spine and the shoulder girdle.

Dentists have been advised to find a ‘good physiotherapist’ to help their patients with TMJ pain and dysfunction. The practice we will teach during this weekend enables us to move away from invasive protocol.

The purpose of this workshop is to look at how we can help these patients by having a greater understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the TMJ and surrounding soft tissue.

Looking at how MET’s can switch muscles back into function, massage strokes to realign muscles and communication skills to discover underlying stress factors that may be evident in their lives.
Aims of the workshop

Anatomy review and formulating treatment plans
A deeper understanding of how headaches can manifest
Interacting with the patient to give them an understanding of their own pain and how to manage it
Introduces Hendrickson Method Strokes to realign muscle
To investigate the role of muscle imbalance
To investigate chain reactions within movement.

Learning outcome

To have developed greater knowledge in treating patients from their position of comfort
Extended anatomical knowledge of the cervical spine and TMJ joint
To understand the role that muscle imbalance plays in chronic headaches
Hendricksons’ soft tissue mobilisation
A clearer process for developing treatment plans

Bookings and cheques to:
C.P.D. Workshops
45 St David’s Rd
LS21 2AW

Further Info:
Sue Bennett
01943 461756

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