When looking to find a massage therapist we would recommend you look to use a therapist who is Registered with a recognised, reputable Professional Association, which ensures your Therapist has the qualifications required to carry out the treatments advertised and operates under a strict code of conduct.  All members of the LCSP Register of Remedial Masseurs and Manipulative Therapists have been individually verified and are fully insured; part of our role as a Professional Association is protecting the public through the provision of a Register of highly qualified professional Therapists, and providing a route for complaint and investigation should the need ever arise.”

This follows on from the article on the BBC website today “Sex assault victims warn about home massage dangers” – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62081247

Additionally the File on 4 episode, entitled ”Assaulted by my Massage Therapists” is being aired tonight, July 12th at 8pm on BBC Radio 4, repeated on Sunday 17 July at 5pm and will be available to stream on demand on BBC Sounds

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