This application is taught in Touch For Health level 1.

This technique is also used as a Self-Help application.

Emotional Stress Release

When we are ‘overwhelmed’ by life, we naturally put our head into our hands. This is the body’s own way of reducing the stress we are experiencing. You can do this on yourself or others:

This technique requires a light touch on the frontal eminences, the bumps on the forehead, above the eyes, between the eyebrows and the hairline. The light touch on this reflex point has a harmonising effect on the energy of the forebrain where new options and ideas are processed.

Lightly place your finger tips onto your forehead – and think about the issue, i.e. the emotional or troubling situation that is causing you stress. Touch encourages the ‘body’s circulation’ to flow to the front of the brain – away from the ‘fight/flight/freeze/flock area of the brain. The brain can be creative and think of new solutions without emotion being involved.

You or the person may experience a release of emotions, such as tears, deeper breathing or a shudder/movement in the body. You/they may talk about ‘overwhelm’ re an issue in the past, present or future.  

This application is very safe to use, and maybe applied frequently as required., i.e. before an interview, an exam, when overwhelmed, mental block, confrontations, nervous anxiety, accidents, trauma.

Rachel lead

I would summarise myself as a ‘bodyworker’ of over 25 years experience. I have been a member of the KF since 1993. I joined the KF Policy Board in 2013 and was involved with training standards and became the chairperson until 2019. I encourage students to join the KF for support in this profession. I have helped people over the years with a wide range of problems, physically, emotionally and by looking at nutritional support – ‘you are what you eat’…I expanded my practice skills by training in RMTi – Rhythmic Movement, to expand my knowledge on working with children/adults. I qualified as a Consultant in 2019 –

My objective is to promote the use and understanding of Touch for Health and Bodywork Kinesiology to the general public, for health care/wellness and support for themselves and their family. I love empowering people by teaching ‘energetic exercises and applications’ for self – use and sharing. I absolutely love teaching students who wish to learn the art and skills of ‘muscle response testing/monitoring’ and to watch them blossom and grow… and to guide them onto becoming practitioners/carers/instructors, or whatever their dreams intend… 

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