I am constantly encouraged by the depth of thanks and appreciation that MSTRR students and practitioners have for this work. I receive daily expressions of gratitude for the life-changing effects that MSTRR often has upon their patients. The hundreds of case studies from students all show what incredible changes that occur from the application of this work. When that happens on an almost daily basis, you know you’re onto something good. MSTRR is such a useful addition to bodywork practitioners that can (and does) create positive changes in even old scars, in just a few minutes. That doesn’t seem possible, yet the many examples of scar tissue improvement substantiate that claim.  

If you’re in private practice it can be challenge to keep a steady influx of new clients. One needs to be able to help people to the point that they are satisfied with their improvements and don’t need to see you for further treatment. You then need to ‘replace’ those satisfied clients with new clients seeking out your help. In the many years I have been in private practice one way that works is to help people as quickly as possible. They want to be out of pain and discomfort as quickly as they can and get back to their day to day lives once again. If you can do that quickly and efficiently, they will be happy to recommend you to their friends and family members. From one client you could get many referrals. But you have to ‘deliver the goods’!  

As scars can be underpinning non-responsive presentations and an underlying cause of myofascial pain and restricted movement, it becomes a priority to treat scars. The more you understand this concept, the more you will see the necessity to address scar tissue.  

MSTRR delivers those reliable and fast, but long-lasting, results – often from the first session. Suddenly you’re obtaining improvements right away. These changes can have an immediate impact on bio-mechanical and organ dysfunction as well as the emotional and psychological effects that scars can exert. Suddenly your clients experience incredible changes from your hands.  

This kind of success is talked about by clients to their friends and family members and, before you know it, more people will be seeking you out for help with their scars. And if you think that’s not true, we have almost daily enquiries from members of the public requesting the help of a qualified MSTRR practitioner in their geographical area.  

We are proud of our success and we will be building on that success as we plan for further expansion in more countries and territories during 2022.   Are you also planning for success in 2022? If you don’t know about MSTRR, let us help you build more success into your clinical practice.  

But before that check out the TOP 5 things you need to consider before taking one of our classes.

Alastair McLoughlin

Alastair began his career in bodywork as a student of remedial massage with the Northern Institute of Massage and student member of LCSP in 1981.

He became a practitioner of the Bowen Technique in 1995 and has taught Bowen since 1997,  introducing Bowen into Norway, Italy, Spain and Cyprus.

Alastair has created and developed many bodywork techniques and taught these in many countries around the world. His work for the treatment of scar tissue (MSTR®) is probably the most influential of all his techniques. 

In 2019 ultrasound research confirmed that MSTR® reduced C-section scar tissue by more than 30% in a single 15 minute treatment session. The results of that research can be downloaded here:

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