This can be hard in a world where most of our needs are met in an instance, or the next day.

Take away food that is delivered to our door, clothing books, you name it, it can get to us super quick. We have this vast range of Tv that is at our finger’s tips.

If we want to know something just hit those google keys

Communication, WhatsApp, texting, social media we expect instance answer. If we do not get one, we are surprised, and I would go as far as to say feel let down if it does not happen.

I believe we have lost touch with, even forgotten that its fine to wait. The wonder of anticipation, patience, breathing.

All this leads me into patient’s rehab. Managing their expectations, their commitment, their understanding that this takes time and repetition to create change.

Often when people attend the clinic for treatment, they will ask would exercises help? I/we will more than often say ‘yep’ they will help; they will support the work we are doing here together, ‘they will support your recovery towards wellness.’

Our next line is ‘do you think you will do them’? I will not give you them until I know you are all in committed to the time each day. There is no point if not. We are really interested or curious to know what stops you making that commitment to yourself.

At times they look a little shocked and surprised at our directness.

So, before we embark on rehab movement let us explore what stops you?

  • What stops you? ……answer children wife/husband, time, space
  • We say what stops you saying ‘for the next 15 mins for me or mine to take care of me’……. A raft of answers. Feel guilty, too tired to stake my claim, I come last
  • We say what stop you valuing your health, your wellbeing?
  • We say we can help you find the words to say this is my time
  • We ask again what stops you

We will often rehearse finding time, starting with their needs to their loved ones. Imagining to happening, and how they will feel in their bodies if they can do this.

Nothing will change until they find their how, why, where.

We go on to discuss how this is going to take practice! practice! practice! Often quoting the Norman Doidge’s book, ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’, were he show evidence through collective research, that change can take place through a mixture of positive thinking, determination, and physical movement, be it Pilates, yoga, prescribed movements, change can take place, the however is the brain needs it on repeat before it here’s the message that change can take place.

Practice is something I have done since meeting Pilates and Claire Sparrow my Pilates mentor. I have never felt as connected and stable as I feel at this moment in time.

Having recently discovered I have a hypermobility syndrome, always have apparently. I am by nature a resilient old soul, with an enquiring mind, that asks how I can support myself to do the work that feels like my ‘life purpose’. This means I practice my Pilates, that gives me my stability and moments of mindfulness. Alongside eating food that’s good and naturing for my body, the stability also allows me fun times too! Walking with Eddie dog and Mr B, cycling, boarding in the sea, and now roller booting after my recent Christmas gift.

So can you give practice ago this 2022?

Susan Bennett FLCSP (Phys)

Sue qualified in Remedial Massage in 1991 at the Northern Institute of Massage gaining a solid foundation on which to build her bodywork skills. Since 1991, Sue has continued her education to include a vast range of soft tissue techniques, giving her a great knowledge of anatomy and physiology, acquiring the title of physiotherapist in 2004. Sue also gained her Higher Grade Diploma in Manipulative Therapy in 2002.

After being in practice for a number of years, Sue wanted to expand her knowledge and find a soft-tissue technique which would enhance her treatments and create greater precision in clinic. She found this by travelling to the US in order to train under leading chiropractor Tom Hendrickson in San Francisco for 7 years.

In 2009 became the UK’s first qualified Hendrickson Method® therapist and is an ambassador for the Hendrickson Method® in the UK. Sue continues to undertake mentoring from Dr Tom Hendrickson in Berkeley, CA.

Committed to continually developing her knowledge and skills, most recently Sue completed a 10 month series in 2018 in Myofascial Anatomy & Movement for Pilates & Yoga teachers with Gary Carter of Natural Bodies.

Sue has also completed training with the Nuero Orthopedic Institute to further her understanding of pain and its mechanisms. She has undertaken the following workshops: Explain Pain, Mobilisation of the Nervous System and Graded Motor Imagery.

Sue is also a teacher and trainer of physiotherapy; she writes and delivers various workshops for physiotherapy and massage therapists throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada, and is PTLLS trained. She is also a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner.

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