Medisave UK – Development of the LCSP Benevolent Fund


Running a business through the pandemic (and beyond!) hasn’t been easy.  At the LCSP Register we have always looked after the welfare of our members in as many ways as we can and we are delighted to announce a new Affiliation with Medisave – a UK based supplier of medical equipment & supplies many of you will already be familiar with, in a scheme which will earn commission on purchases you make using our Medisave link to be fed 100% directly in to the LCSP Benevolent Fund.

Over the years our Benevolent Fund has been able to assist members who find themselves in unavoidable circumstances of distress and hardship.  Our Board member and dedicated Welfare Officer Pauline Kelly presides over the LCSP Benevolent Fund and is your point of contact should you ever need this support:  

How does it work?  Simply login to the ‘Member’s Section’ of our website, go to the Affiliates page and use the Medisave link provided to get shopping.  You can also bookmark the link in your web browser, or save the link in your ‘Saved’ sites and shop that way.  We will promote the link on our Newsletters and website regularly – as long as you shop using that link your own Benevolent Fund benefits. 

LCSP Register ‘In trained and caring Hands’, helping you to look after others and our own.