Bikefit-Package (3-step integrated process)

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Date(s) - 10/02/2019
All Day

NJD Sports Injury Centre


Led by Nicholas Dinsdale BSc (Hons), MSc Sports Injury; Nicola Dinsdale BSc (Hons), MSc Sports Rehab
Cost 1 day for £135.00
Dress code Loose, comfortable, smart
CPD 9 CPD Hours
Amenities Tea/Coffee and Workbook CPD Hours provided


Unique to the UK:
This is scientific Bike Fitting at its best. This is the only Bike Fitting workshop in the UK that crucially examines both man-and-machine in detail i.e. using a 3-Step Integrated Process. It is designed to complement our unique Cycling Injuries workshop – and runs over the same weekend. The few other UK based Bike-Fitting workshops (designed for cycling mechanics) place little emphasis on Musculoskeletal Screening of the rider. Moreover, they run for 3-days and typically cost 1,500 USA dollars. A combined 10% discount is available when enrolling on both over the same weekend.

Workshop Aim:
The aim of this unusual but unique introductory workshop is to explore new exciting opportunities for proactive Therapists in the rapidly growing niche market of Bikefitting. This is achieved through our unique 3-step integrated highly publicised Bikefit-Package. Unlike traditional Bikefitting which is invariably performed by cycling mechanics or technicians, our approach relies heavily on the Therapist. Key aspects of Steps-1&2, our Pre-Bikefit Musculoskeletal Screening and the Personal Rehab Plan have been developed from our own research carried out at Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Salford respectively.

Workshop Rationale:
Cycling is a fully inclusive activity owing to its multiple established health, environmental and socioeconomic benefits. Cycling is used for commuting, recreation, racing, triathlon, rehabilitation after joint replacement, prevention of cardiovascular disease and rehabilitation following heart surgery. As a result, bike sales, the subsequent demand for bikefitting and cycling related overuse injuries have increased accordingly. Moreover, research demonstrates that an incorrect riding-position (bikefit) adversely affects cycling comfort, performance and increases the risk of overuse injuries – all of which impact on enjoyment. Unlike traditional Bikefitting, our unique 3-step integrated Bikefit-Package approach is designed to deliver ‘harmony’.

Workshop Content:
The workshop closely examines the complexed interaction between man-and-machine. Through Step-1 we identify the many prevalent pre-existing musculoskeletal and/or biomechanical deficits frequently found in cyclists. Step-2 is designed to address the above musculoskeletal deficits. Unlike our Bikefit-Package, traditional Bikefitters invariably fail to consider the ‘Cyclist’ i.e. the aforementioned musculoskeletal deficits (frailties) prevalent in the rider. As a consequence, failure to address these deficits can severely compromise the outcome and effectiveness of the entire Bikefit process.
Step-3, involves the discipline-specific Bikefit. The objective is to integrate the findings from Steps-1&2 into Step-3 the final Bikefit process – thus maximise the outcomes of the entire process. In Step-3 we address the frequent biomechanical deficits associated with the Foot / Pedal interface and also examine the crucial Key-Positions.
Finally, we take a brief look at some of the most common overuse cycling injuries – with respect to causation / prevention / treatment. Read Matt Bottrill’s (National Cycling Champion) personal Blog on how our Bikefit-Package resolved his knee problem…… and improved his power-output….click link to the Giant website.
Suitable for:
This workshop is suitable for all forms of Therapists and Coaches involved with cyclists and/or triathletes. The workshop is ideal for proactive Therapists seeking to work with a cycling team or triathlon club…..or seeking to form a multidisciplinary team – comprising of Therapist and Cycling / Triathlon Coach. Alternatively, it is suitable for Therapists wanting to form an alliance with large cycling shops with the aim of creating a Bikefit-Package.
Academic & Experienced Tutors:
Our two Tutors are Post Graduate Sports Therapists BSc (Hons) and MSc (distinctions). Combined experience includes former Sports Therapist to GB cycling teams and Manchester Wheelers, working at the London Olympics, London Paralympics, Glasgow Commonwealth Games and winning two National Cycling Titles. Both are prolific authors on the topics of scientific Bike Fitting and Cycling related Overuse Injuries. For more information refer to our Articles & Links page.