The Golden Jubilee 1969

from The Physiologist April 1969

Golden Jubilee 1969  - from The Physiologist April 1969

The first of the “Golden Jubilee Year” Congresses of the Society was held during the weekend of 8th/9th March 1969, at the Grand Hotel, Northampton, and in addition to our members, it was a pleasure to welcome along practitioners from other associations, and in addition to an excellent programme of lectures and demonstrations, the practitioners and students present had an ideal opportunity to discuss their work and ideas with each other. After the President’s (Mr D.C.D. Kemp) welcome to the attending members, the Congress opened with a lecture and demonstration on hypnotherapy relaxation techniques by Mr Peter Blythe, with the emphasis placed on methods of achieving patient relaxation for manipulative therapy. Mr Blythe gave a similar talk and demonstration to our members a year ago in Blackpool and because of the great interest in his subject and demonstration then, he gave further indication here of the part which can be played by the average practitioner in speedy and complete relaxation of the patient. Mr Blythe’s “Contact Therapy” technique is now, in fact, available in word-by-word course form from the Secretary, who will be pleased to send a leaflet about the course to interested members.

The second half of Saturday afternoon’s programme was taken up by a very interesting lecture on “Psychosomatics and Chiropractor Theory” by Dr Leonard Cohen, D.S.Sc. F.A.P.S. Dr Cohen is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and comes from Indianapolis, USA. He was able to give our members a most interesting insight into American research in both psychotherapy and chiropractics, and he made his subject matter most fascinating and educational. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming Dr Cohen once again to our Congresses in the future. 

Sunday morning began with a very interesting demonstration of modern physiotherapy and electrotherapy techniques in sports injuries, this part of the programme being so ably handled by our own member, Mr SW Duncombe, who had brought with him to the Congress one of his actual footballer patients following a serious knee injury on the football field. Mr Duncombe, with the aid of his patient, was able to instruct the audience the course of treatment given to such injuries right from the actual damage being done on the field, until such time, several weeks later, when the patient was able once again to resume normal sporting play.

However, members who attended this Congress will no doubt place foremost in their memory the very adept display of manipulative skill shown during the demonstration of Mr Vince G Nwuga, M.C.S.P., of Shooters Hill Hospital, London. Mr Nwuga’s pleasing personality and quiet voice enhanced a most effective demonstration of spinal manipulation diagnosis and treatment techniques, which ranged from cervical to lumbar treatments, and his techniques emphasised the vast amount of research and study done by Mr Nwuga in spinal manipulative therapy. We had hoped to get Mr Nwuga along to our next Congress at Blackpool, and in fact this has been arranged, when Mr Nwuga had to change his plans to take up an offer of work back home, in the Ibadan University Hospital in Nigeria. Arrangements are being made to feature some of Mr Nwuga’s research and techniques in future issues of this Journal.

After Sunday lunch, the party of members left Northampton by coach for a visit to Tyringham Naturopathic Clinic, near Newport Pagnell, Bucks, where we were given an exceptionally well conducted tour of the facilities of the Clinic by its Resident Director, Mr Sidney Rose-Neill and his staff. Mr Rose-Neill then gave an interesting talk on the type of treatments provided at the Clinic.


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