These workshops are designed to be inclusive for all students. The Touch For Health (TFH) route may be particularly useful for those interested in ‘finding a new direction’ in life. 

Health care professionals, therapists, nutritionists, & chiropractors may add these extra skills to their practice.

Learning how to give a TFH ‘Balance’, may help to improve posture, re-align the energic ‘blue print’ and help reduce physical and mental tension and pain. This helps to promote the general feeling of ‘positive health & wellbeing’. 

TFH – ‘A system of self-help care for people’.

Origin of kinesiology:

An American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart researched the link between muscles, meridians and the organs/systems of the body which became Applied Kinesiology. Touch for Health had its origin in 1970 when Dr John Thie decided to make available to non professionals practical and effective methods of balancing the body’s energy. The Touch for Health programme was developed with his wife Carrie and others which is now also a professional training.

Many kinesiologists over the years have contributed to the world of kinesiology – hence the many different versions.

This work is based on concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with other healing philosophies. Learn how to use ‘muscle monitoring’ and energy balancing techniques. 

TFHers work to activate the healing systems of the body and to promote ‘Self Responsibility’.


Touch for Health 1 Syllabus

2 day course. 15 hours.
5 hours may be taught online, and 10 hours face- face when available.

Online – 5 hours, includes a hard copy of the TFH manual (posted) £130.

Please contact

The main teaching concept isThe 14 Muscle Balance ‘Balance As You Go’.

  • Switching On Balancing Exercise
  • Central Meridian Check – Zip up, zip down
  • Hydration Check
  • Permission to test/Self Responsibility Model
  • Accurate Indicator Muscle Testing
  • Inhibited Muscles
  • 14 Muscle tests and Correction Methods
  • Neurolymphatics (Chapman Reflexes – Dr Frank Chapman).
  • Neurovasculars (Dr Terrance Bennett – Chiropractor).
  • Meridians
  • Origin/Insertion
  • Spinal reflexes
  • Challenge – 14 Muscle Balancing with a Goal

The Applications of TFH 1

  • Auricular Exercise
  • Visual Inhibition
  • Cross Crawl for Fun
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Surrogate Testing
  • Foods for Strengthening
  • Posture Awareness
  • Simple Pain Techniques

Students are encouraged to work on a ‘TFH Synthesis Worksheets Book’ for home study and to keep a training record.
An IKC Certificate is awarded

Progression – the next step:

If you have enjoyed this course – you may like to consider the next step, TFH 2, 3 and 4 of learning TFH. (total 42 muscles).TFH Proficiency Certificate (IKC)
Pre-requisite TFH.1-4. 
This is awarded on completion of an assessment. This enables the student to gain a qualification and obtain insurance cover.
TFH Proficiency is also the pre-requisite for TFH Instructor’s Training Course. (TW).

Professional Kinesiology Training
Pre-requisite TFH.1-4, KF Foundation Assessment, or TFH Proficiency Assessment.

Many Professional Kinesiology Courses provide foundation training as well. Please check with the Kinesiology Federation for different modalities of professional training.

Kinesiology Federation – KF
I have been a member of the KF since 1993. I encourage students to join the KF for support in this profession.

Rachel lead

I would summarise myself as a ‘bodyworker’ of over 25 years experience. I have been a member of the KF since 1993. I joined the KF Policy Board in 2013 and was involved with training standards and became the chairperson until 2019. I encourage students to join the KF for support in this profession. I have helped people over the years with a wide range of problems, physically, emotionally and by looking at nutritional support – ‘you are what you eat’…I expanded my practice skills by training in RMTi – Rhythmic Movement, to expand my knowledge on working with children/adults. I qualified as a Consultant in 2019 –

My objective is to promote the use and understanding of Touch for Health and Bodywork Kinesiology to the general public, for health care/wellness and support for themselves and their family. I love empowering people by teaching ‘energetic exercises and applications’ for self – use and sharing. I absolutely love teaching students who wish to learn the art and skills of ‘muscle response testing/monitoring’ and to watch them blossom and grow… and to guide them onto becoming practitioners/carers/instructors, or whatever their dreams intend… 

Not joined up yet?

There’s plenty of reasons to join the LCSP Register

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