In this video we explore how scarring affects the psychology and emotional state of a person. Unfortunately, this is an often neglected result of scars from surgery or accidental injury, but the effects can last a lifetime. Most people don’t realise that the psychological and emotional effects of scarring can be helped, sometimes quite quickly too! This 30 minute presentation is designed for not only the healthcare professional but also those who have been personally affected by their scars.

Alastair McLoughlin

Alastair began his career in bodywork as a student of remedial massage with the Northern Institute of Massage and student member of LCSP in 1981.

He became a practitioner of the Bowen Technique in 1995 and has taught Bowen since 1997,  introducing Bowen into Norway, Italy, Spain and Cyprus.

Alastair has created and developed many bodywork techniques and taught these in many countries around the world. His work for the treatment of scar tissue (MSTR®) is probably the most influential of all his techniques. 

In 2019 ultrasound research confirmed that MSTR® reduced C-section scar tissue by more than 30% in a single 15 minute treatment session. The results of that research can be downloaded here:

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