This article will appeal to LCSP Massage Therapists that work with competitive runners and triathletes. The article looks at the potential benefits and pitfalls of “Natural Running”….and its current evidence base.  It has been written for the Journal of sportEX dynamics at the request of the Editor Tor Davis and will be published in the 2012 July edition. The journal is subscription only and primarily targets massage therapists and manual therapists working in sport.


As professional Therapists we have a moral obligation and duty-of-care to protect our athletes by offering a safe and professional service based on evidence and clinical reasoning, this applies to new ideas like natural running. However, in athletics, at times there may be a need to be proactive – balance the evidence and take controlled informed risks if seeking to achieve those elusive marginal-gains. Thus, the aim of this short article is to stimulate interest in the potential dual benefits that natural running may have to offer while giving due consideration to associated risks and practical issues based on the current level of evidence.

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