Our next coffee morning is this Thursday, December 8th and will be led by Jo Graveson covering Mental Health First Aid, Supervision and Self-Care.

“As practitioners we’re all familiar with the requirement to have a First Aid Certificate – how many of us have ever had to use it with our patients?  How many of us have patients offloading, becoming emotional, opening up to us about their anxieties – maybe linked with the physical condition they hope we can help them with, or maybe just anxieties about life in general!

Some practitioners encounter these situations regularly – are we prepared and equipped to deal with them though?  How and where do we go to offload in an ethical and confidential way?  What happens if we are seriously concerned for a patients’ mental wellbeing – what should we do?  Is it within our responsibilities?

The meeting will start at 10:15am and the log in details are on the noticeboard in the members’ area.

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