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Why choose an LCSP registered practitioner?

The LCSP Register (Established1919) is committed to helping the public find a Therapist they can trust.  All our members adhere to a strict code of conduct and are checked to ensure they are adequately qualified and insured to carry out the treatments they offer in a professional and effective way.  Should you have any reason to be unhappy with your experience of one of our Therapists, we have a robust complaints procedure which will investigate fully and transparently. 

By choosing a Therapist registered with the LCSP Register you know your Therapist is: 

  • Professionally and appropriately qualified to carry out the treatments they advertise
  • Comprehensively insured to provide their advertised treatments.
  • Adhering  to a strict code of conduct
  • Committed to continuing their education through annual CPD requirements. 

Peace of mind

All members are fully


CPD is a required condition of membership


Our members adhere to our code of ethics developed over the register’s 100 years

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Established 1919

A massive thank you for celebrating our centenary with us

We celebrated our 100th Anniversary by hosting a fantastic weekend
event at The Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor on the 15th and 16th June.