We’ve been talking about Mental Wellbeing this month. We asked you to consider how you are, and what immediate steps you could take to turn things around if you’re feeling close to burnout. This week we’re looking at a few ideas around how to create & maintain a resilient work/life balance for the longer-term.

Work/life balance – watch out for this one! Self-employment is extremely rewarding but can be difficult to manage, remember to create space for a healthy balance each week of work and leisure activities

Schedule in treatments for yourself regularly – don’t wait until your own stresses become too much – physically and mentally!

Be clear about & stick to your boundaries around your diary and the Therapeutic Relationship

Professional boundaries – Therapeutic Relationships can be hard to manage – listening to other peoples physical and mental pain can be draining and we can feel compelled to help. Consider finding yourself a Mental Health First Aid course which can help you establish boundaries and responsibilities and find the words to ask difficult questions if you are worried about someone else’s mental health. Search up ‘Mental Health First Aid course’ to find providers all across the UK

Signpost patients towards appropriate specialists to help them with the problems you cannot. If you’re unsure chat with us! We have a wealth of experience within the LCSP Secretary and Board who can support you through the most challenging situations

Business management – marketing, CPD, admin, accounts – never mind seeing patients! The demands can seem endless. Know your strengths and limitations, seek advice and help on areas of running a business that challenge you most, consider upskilling where you need it or outsource jobs you struggle with.

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