LCSP member and CPD workshop provider Nicholas Dinsdale (Clinical Director) NJD Sports Injury Centre has been invited to speak at the Sports Therapy Organisation’s 2014 Conference. The conference will be held 4th October, 2014 at Birmingham University.

The presentation will focus on their unique 3-step integrated Bikefit-Package. Nicholas has become one of the UK’s leading authorities in the analysis of scientific Bike Fitting for performance and dealing with cycling related overuse injuries. In 2012, Nicholas presented the same topic at the Association of British Cycling Coaches Annual Conference in Coventry.

What is the 3-step integrated Bikefit-Package?
It is our own unique 3-step integrated Bikefit-Package designed to harmonise man-and-machine. Thus, optimise cycling comfort, cycling performance and reduce the risk of overuse injury. It helps to identify, treat and prevent common cycling related overuse injuries.

The growing popularity in cycling
UK cycling has undergone a renaissance over the last 5 years. Moreover, cycling has become a fully inclusive activity, involving all ages, abilities and disabilities – from recreational to competition, including many health and rehabilitation aspects. According to the British Heart Foundation, just twenty minutes of cycling per week can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by 50%. Cycling is now being recommended for rehabilitation following knee and hip replacement. As a result of the growing popularity in cycling, the demand for scientific Bike Fitting and specialist treatment of cycling related overuse injuries grows accordingly.

Background behind our 3-step integrated Bikefit-Package
Historically Bike-Fitting has been delivered by cycling mechanics or cycling technicians – purely from a mechanical perspective – simply focusing on the BIKE – thus with no emphasis on the RIDER i.e. a simple 1-step process. The key consequence being that…riders with pre-existing biomechanical and/or musculoskeletal deficits take these deficits onto the bike – this then compromises the bikefit process. We recognised a potential flaw in the simple 1-step process, thus we developed our unique 3-step integrated Bikefit-Package which focuses on RIDER & BIKE – which is specifically designed to harmonise MAN-and-MACHINE. Furthermore, although limited, it brings an evidenced-base to a process in need of change – while crucially enabling the proactive Therapist to become engaged in the Bike fitting process.

Step-1 Musculoskeletal Screening
The objective of our cycling specific comprehensive head-to-toe musculoskeletal screening protocol is designed to identify potential deficits or problems which are likely to lead to discomfort, performance loss and/or increased risk of injury. The key areas to screen for deficits include leg-length (LLD), core/pelvic and gluteals, spinal flexibility, lower-limb and foot alignment, muscle imbalance and condition of lower limb joints.

Step-2 Personal Rehab Plan
The objective of step-2, using a scientific approach, is to address the musculoskeletal deficits found in step-1. This is achieved through a range of evidence informed rehab exercises – if necessary supplemented with a range of selected manual therapy techniques.

Step-3 Discipline-Specific integrated Bikefit
The objective of step-3 is to integrate steps-1&2 and thus fully optimise the whole process. Just as bicycles are manufactured for different disciplines e.g. mountain-bike, road bike, triathlon bike; Similarly Bike Fitting should also be discipline-specific. Examples of the integrated process include – adjustments are made for true or actual LLD. Riders with restricted hip flexion often have their saddle height increased and/or shorter pedal cranks fitted.

Anyone interested in attending the next CPD workshop, or require more information, please contact Nicholas Dinsdale. Email: Mobile: 07547479375

Nicholas J Dinsdale BSc (Hons), MSc, LCSP
Clinical Director & Head Bikefitter
NJD sports Injury Centre

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