SPO Confrence 2014Nicholas Dinsdale (Clinical Director) NJD Sports Injury Centre is shown delivering his presentation at the Sports Therapy Organisation’s (STO) 2014 Conference at Birmingham University on the 4th October, 2014. The presentation focused on their unique 3-Step Integrated Bikefit-Package. NJD Sports Injury Centre have become one of the UK’s leading authorities in the analysis of scientific Bike Fitting for performance and for treating cycling related overuse injuries. In 2012, Nicholas presented the same topic at the Association of British Cycling Coaches Annual Conference in Coventry.

Inaugural 3-Step Integrated Bikefit-Package CPD Workshop
Below, the NJD Team demonstrate Rehab techniques for Gluteus Medius Rehab during their recent unique Bikefit-Package CPD Workshop. The CPD workshop was delivered in their new purpose built multi-disciplinary Centre. This was the inaugural Bikefit-Package workshop which is the only one of its kind in the UK. The workshop was FULL and proved to be a huge success. It attracted a range of Therapists from across the UK (e.g. Sports Massage Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists and Chartered Physiotherapists) including several LCSP members.

The workshop represents scientific Bike Fitting at its best. It provides a balance of evidenced based theory with practical sessions of cycling specific musculoskeletal assessment, key rehab techniques and scientific Bike Fitting. The aim is to harmonise man-and-machine to optimise cycling comfort, reduce overuse injury and improve performance. The workshop encompasses a dual approach – designed to optimise combined outcomes associated with Sports Medicine and Sports Science.

NEW Cycling Injuries workshop
NJD Sports Injury Centre is in the process of introducing a NEW 1-day CPD workshop on Cycling Injuries. The workshop will focus on Causation, Treatment and Prevention – examining the most common cycling related overuse injuries. This workshop is designed to complement their existing unique Bikefit-Package workshop and will therefore run over the same weekend to allow those that are interested to attend both workshops together. Once again, this workshop will be unique….the ONLY one of its kind in the UK.
Anyone interested in attending the CPD workshops, or require more information, please contact Nicholas Dinsdale.
Email: nick@njdsportsinjuries.co.uk Mobile: 07547479375
Nicholas J Dinsdale BSc (Hons), MSc, LCSP
Clinical Director & Head Bikefitter
NJD Sports Injury Centre

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