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image005Michael Watson begins the year as CNHC’s new ChairCNHC Newsletter – January 2016

Michael Watson took over the role of CNHC Chair on 1 January 2016. Sheila Inglis, who has been Acting Chair, reverts to her role of Vice Chair. Here Michael sets out his vision for the coming year:

  • Supporting the wellbeing agenda: At a time when people are living longer, with multiple conditions that are not going to be cured, we have to find ways to support people to manage their wellbeing over the long term. I believe that complementary therapies have a key role to play in this.
  • Providing patient choice: An integrated approach where patients have access to a range of healthcare professionals – including complementary therapists – must be developed. 
  • Practitioners demonstrating standards: If we want the first two to happen, practitioners need to show they are committed to UK-wide standards. That’s where CNHC comes in and to those who would say ‘why register?’ I would say ‘why would you not register?’
  • Doing good research. We need a strong evidence-base for our sector that shows what complementary healthcare can achieve. CNHC is not in a position to address all of this but I do want us to support this where we can.

My vision is for complementary therapies to become far more widely available as part of mainstream healthcare with properly trained, qualified and professional practitioners showing the difference they can make to people’s lives.”

  • NICE proposes removing complementary therapies from guideline – act now!

NICE is currently reviewing its guideline for ‘Improving supportive and palliative care in adults’.

The draft scope proposes removing complementary therapies from the NICE guideline. Given the contribution that complementary therapies make to improving the wellbeing of people using these services, this represents a retrograde step. CNHC will be responding to challenge this proposal.

If you work for an organisation in supportive and palliative care, make sure the organisation registers as a stakeholder with NICE in order to respond to the consultation. The consultation closes on 29 January 2016 at 5.00pm. For consultation details: click here

NICE seeks committee members

NICE is also looking for lay committee members to consider the guideline.

If you are a service user, family member or carer of someone using supportive and palliative care then you can apply to become a member of the committee here:

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