75th Anniversary 1994

The Conference will take place at our favourite venue in the superb surroundings and comfort of the Savoy Hotel, on the Queen’s Promenade at Blackpool, during the weekend of May 21st/22nd 1994

1994 is a very special year for Both the LCSP and the Northern Institute of Massage, It marks the 75th Anniversary of the LCSP as the oldest and largest organisation of private practitioners of remedial massage and manipulative therapy in the UK. It also happens to be the 70th Anniversary Year of the Northern Institute, proudly regarded by its graduates as the No.1 training establishment in the country. There is a double cause to commemorate and to celebrate. 

The Society’s Annual Conference in May is an occasion not to be missed. Every Conference for many years now has been a memorable one. It’s an opportunity for old colleagues and new students to renew and make new friendships, to listen to authoritative guest-leaders, and to enjoy the banquet, dance and social evening in the convivial atmosphere we always associate with the event. But this year it will be both an extra special event for the LCSP and a homecoming party for the Northern Institute that we’d especially like you to attend. 

For a start we are delighted and very honoured that Both Dr Thomas A Janes, D.C. and Dr. Jan de Vries have accepted an invitation to attend as our main guest speakers. 

Dr Janes is no stranger to our members and this popular chiropractor from Independence, Missouri, USA, is sure of a great welcome to this country once again. He has been a member and staunch supporter of the LCSP for many years and on previous visit, in 1983. He was nominated for the special honour of the Society’s Fellowship Award in recognition of his fine work in the profession and his support for our cause. His textbook on the “Causes of Arthritis” has been read by doctors throughout the USA and Canada, over 75000 treatments are provided each year in his busy chiropractic clinic. He last attended our conference in 1991. We are delighted that he is returning again so soon, he has so much to offer.

Dr Jan de Vries is another highly respected member of the LCSP whose expertise and experience in homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and various forms of natural therapies is very well known through his many broadcasts and the many books he has written. He is a very busy man indeed and spends much time in research work in addition to running one of Britain’s most widely known clinics specialising in alternative medicine in Troon, Ayrshire, and providing hundreds of lectures in Britain and abroad. Dr de Vries tells us he is really looking forward to being with us on this occasion. We are certainly looking forward to seeing him again. 

We already know of two other stalwarts of LCSP who are making especially long journeys to be with us at this celebration event. Mrs Grace Halliday is travelling yet again all the way from South Australia for her fourth visit to our conference. She has dedicated many years to extensive research into lymphatic drainage and is now commencing her writings on the subject. Mr Randy Ellingson from Regina, Saskatchewan has attended our last three conferences on behalf of the Canadian Branch of the Society, and is expected to make the journey once again this year.